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Uplighting hire / uplighters is becoming a more popular service/product when it comes to Weddings and at Prestige Sound and Light we have the resources to provide this service. Up Lighting is created by Par Cans, which are mounted vertically against any wall you wish to up light. This then presents a wash effect on the wall, which can be matched with a particular coloured theme you may have in the room.
Up LightingUplighting 2

We use 2 different types of Par Cans for all of our Up Lighting work, making it more Easier and Flexible in costing and practicality for every event. All of our Up Lighting Fixtures are LED based giving the fixture a much longer life span, lighter in weight and most importantly stays cooler when in use.

Below are a couple of packages we have created making it easier when hiring, but remember you can also hire all of our equipment individually.

Up Lighting Package (Small) – £80.00
High Powered Up Lighters (Six)
Floor Stands (Six)

All Cables Included


Up Lighting Package (Large) – £155.00
Number 5
High Powered Up Lighters (Twelve)
Floor Stands (Twelve)

All Cables Included


We also stock Wireless Uplighters. They are a small yet powerful battery operated uplighter meaning no cabling needed and can be placed anywhere in your Venue giving you full flexibility.

Chauvet Tri 6 Uplighter – £20.00
Chauvet Tri 6 Uplighter


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For a more detailed view, then please visit our gallery or alternatively contact us via Email or Telephone.

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