Getting The Wedding Dance Floor Hire That You Deserve

Nothing is bigger than your wedding, or at least that’s the way that it feels when you’re preparing for your big day. It can be the most important day of your life for some, and this is why we at True Sound Hire feel truly blessed to be able to play a part in it, no matter how big or small. We offer a variety of products both sound and light related that work well for wedding venues and reception halls. From our DJ equipment, to our spotlights, strobe lights, and more, we want to give you everything you need to make your event the best possible wedding reception that money can buy, no matter your budget.


How To Get The Best Wedding Sound & Lighting hire

Before you select your wedding setup and equipment you should begin by doing a little bit of homework, and this means research. Selecting a company to handle your wedding sound & lighting hire is an important decision, and it deserves some in depth knowledge about the people who you will be working with and the products in question.

Whether you are a wedding planner, bride, groom, or parents of the married couple looking for more information, we at True Sound Hire are always happy to help you learn more about our products and packages, and we have a large assortment of items that are well suited to weddings and marriage receptions.

How To Organize Your Festival Outdoor Stage Hire

Once you have made the decision to utilize festival outdoor stage hire, and have made the call to one of our well-trained staff members here at True Sound Hire in regards to the best setup and package for you, you must think about how you want to organize the stage.

We have a large selection of not only staging and stage accessories such as carpets, wraps and additional platform sections, but we also carry an advanced assortment of lighting and sound equipment. Every accessory that you add to your festival outdoor stage hire helps to create the theme, motif, and experience of your guests.

PA Systems For Live Bands Could Change Your Concert Experience

Any great concert can be achieved through a few simple tools, and while it isn’t always necessary to include all the bells and whistles in your setup, if you really want your band to shine, and your audience to hear every note strummed on the guitar, you will need to invest in top of the line PA systems for live bands.

We believe that a live band is a very different experience from a DJ, and you don’t want to lose any of that candid experience through poorly performing microphones, speakers, amplifiers, or control panels. To provide the best for our clients every single time, we test our products before they go out to a new hire, and when they come back into our warehouse. This lets us know that everything is always working as it should be, so there are no mishaps.

LED Uplighting Has Gone Wireless; This Changes Everything!

One of the most popular forms of lighting, especially for weddings is LED uplighting. This beautiful luminescent glow casted upward against a wall and onto the ceiling of your venue creates a magical and timeless style of lighting that many others might not think to add. Our light and sound technicians have been working with these light features long enough to recognize all of the good qualities that they possess, and also are familiar with how to properly install and utilize the latest models.

Taking advantage of LED uplighting in its wireless form means that you are able to take a venue without this style of lighting and redesign the room to include it without needing to rewire anything or remove any other lighting. A standard venue with overhead lights can be transformed quickly and affordably into a romantic opalescent paradise in no time.

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